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We take in charge your projects since the Study stape until the achievement
to the maintenance

The transverse vision which confers us the variety of our skills allows us to conceive global and innovative offers for your projects, this capacity of innovation expresses himself through all processes: conceptions-executions, methods, industrialization and organization of our construction sites.


  Study stape


The study office is composed of engineers and technicians specialized higher qualification in each application domain, which are intended to develop tailor-made offers and implement technical solutions best suited to meet the new energy challenges and regulations.



  Realization Stape

Our company ensures the supervising of works which allowed it to realize biggest project at the national and international level.

We suggest the best suitable products to your facilities, your satisfaction is through the consideration of the most stringent criteria: Ben Hassine CHAUFROID offers scalable products, our references are a manufacturer of repute, we meet the delivery times and assure you value for money very motivating

Get the best system suitable for your project ; VRV, Eau Glacée, AIR/AIR

The satisfaction of our customers is through the respect of strict criteria



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