CHAUDFROID BEN HASSINE is a Tunisian family company which supplies services since 1982, created by the Deceased M.MOKHTAR Ben Hassine, considered as pionner in the sector of air conditioning, after its disappearance the succession took place thanks to his son Mr. SLIM Ben Hassine who implemented a voluntarist politics of modernization, development and the export of the service towards the nearby countries



    speech by the deceased Mr. Mokhtar Ben Hassine

“Success is a sense of sacrifice and love of knowledge and desire to want to make well and to succeed better”


Succession of activity from father to son

Word of M. Slim Ben Hassine

The current policy of the company turns essentially to the export of its services, and tries with all what it possesses of average human beings and equipments to conquer the international market in its fields of activity


«CHAUFROID BEN HASSINE shall continue to participate in evolution of its dear country both at the national and international  levels »

On the way of the development, CHAUFROID BEN HASSINE adopts a strategy which turns to the export Services.


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