In constant contact with you, our teams are engaged in a qualitative approach to compliance to help prevent fire hazards, and they will guarantee the success of your projects by combining responsiveness and technology. With a second level of training in fire safety, our teams are for your protection.


CHAUFROID Company can support all stages of development and implementation of a system, fire audits, site surveys, system design, equipment supply, subcontracting, the control, maintenance and technical assistance.


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Thanks to our engineering department, we support you to develop and test your fire systems. Reliable and operational, they will ensure safety for your staff.

Depending on your activity, your needs or constraints, we propose a set of solutions and equipment to prevent and manage fire risks: fire and gas detection, centralized alarm, sprinkler systems.




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We carry all types of extinguishing system on the new sites or in exploitation to protect property and people;

With our unlimited amenities and training provided to our teams, we master the basics in fire safety and Manion first means to fight against the fire.


Installation and maintenance of all type of installation for detection and fire protection

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